I didn’t fall off the blog-o-spere!

Well, hello out there in Bloggy land. I hope you all are well and have done many fabulous things since we last met….20 days ago!! Whoa Nellie, I’m sorry about that. Technically speaking we are nearing the end of the school year and so it seems that there are always two thousand and two things going on that need my attention. But now don’t get me wrong no complaints here it’s good to be needed ya’ll. Anywho, I haven’t been procrastinating but all the need to’s combined with buckets upon buckets of rain coming down (which seems to have no end in sight) I just haven’t found the time to do anything but EXTRA-ordinary everyday.

Now that said there were a few rather fun things that have happened that I do intend to write about soon! I have 1 large pile of vintage clothing (mostly kids, but a couple real stunners for adult type persons, haha) to finish listing then you’ll get to hear all about the Fabulous Thunderbird, no no, not the Fabulous Thunderbirds, you read that right.

Say hello, to…ok, well we haven’t named it but I really want to, suggestions?? We welcomed this sweet 1960 Thunderbird home a couple weeks ago. I’ll be working on some interior stuff so you’ll have to stay tuned for these mishaps and adventures. Isn’t she lovely?

Also, I’ve started an eBay store in addition to Etsy…it sure is hard to get traffic on Etsy. I’m learning and slowly adding items to the store. I’ve noticed a good amount of vintage sellers on eBay and I do like some of their new features for sellers. I’ve also noticed quite a few people actually list their items on both platforms. I see this as a little risky especially with a “one of a kind” vintage item but I guess the likelyhood of it being purchased from both sites at the same time are super ridiculously slim…which means if it were going to happen to anyone on the planet…that anyone would be me ;/

We’ve been on a few thrifting adventures. Houston has a “Vintique” market a few times a year, lots of good ol fashion and FUN Antiques, handmade goodies, and my personal favorite handmade goodies out of repurposed ol’ fashion antiques! So many great vendors.


So really that’s all I’ve got for now. As I continue to learn and add to my Etsy and eBay I plan to post a section of information that I have come across so that others who are experiencing trouble getting started may find something helpful.  Here are some of the new listings I have on Etsy and if you eBay, you can follow me there too 🙂

Lovely little Pinafore


Hang Ten Vintage Boys Hawaiian Shirt


One of a Kind Texas Crewel Art


Sensational VTG Rockabilly rose cutout dress


And all these Fab things that need to be listed!

Do you Etsy or eBay? Find one better than the other? Use something else entirely? Determined to get this stuff moving before I become a hoarder!! Additionally, I’d like to open shipping to international buyers but I am finding it daunting to accurately price shipping 😦