Adventurin’ in Round Top Texas.

I LOVE Texas, and this little..and I do mean little… itsy bitsy, teensy weensy yellow polka dot biki… Oh whoops, slipped into song therebut it’s seriously small, population 90! 90!!  (Can I get an eye bug emoji) It sure does pack a punch of charm though. If you’ve never been, it’s well worth the trip (wherever you are). Lucky for me it’s just shy of 2 hours from my home so not a bad day trip at all. Oddly enough I continued to find reasons why I couldn’t go even though it’s been on “the bucket list ” for ages. Well, check, check, baby! Now to get there during antique week, LAWDY! What’s that you say…Antique week?? I mean it’s only the biggest best-est thing since sliced bread, toasted with honey and peanut butter on top with a side of chocolate covered bananas, (too much?) or well, at least that’s what folks say 🙂 I tried to go back in September 2016 not realizing it was as big a deal as it apparently is and yeah, this event takes a little more thought and planning than I had…well, planned. Next Antique week is coming up: Mar 27th-April 1 Annie, pack yer bags! After some planning of course…

You Can read more about things to do and see in Round Top (and even though its small, you really need a few days to take it all in) in this great little write up on Texas Monthly. A few things are in the outlying counties but they aren’t far. I am planning on heading back with a better plan in place some time this year fo’ sho! And if you want to find out more about antique week, you can check that out here.

Here are some photos from our adventure, it was so much fun and we had pie for lunch…PIE!! Best PIE, BEST PIE! Had a short chat with the lady that own Royer’s Pie Haven, she’s a real peach and her shop offers so much more than pie, trinkets, do-dads, boutique-y shirts all with a with a side of Texas hospitality. I mean if nothing else, make the trip for the PIE, really 🙂

Enjoy our goofy road trip photos, some taken by me, some by little Em, and some goofy selfies with and by Mr. The Bear (otherwise known as “the oldest”), he’s got the moves like Fozzie (bear) and a heart of GOLD.

Have you been to Round Top?  Road Trips, destinations on your “bucket list”? Does your area have it’s own “Round Top”?  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ere ❤


2 thoughts on “Adventurin’ in Round Top Texas.

  1. I just want to get to Texas period! Of course with all the hype coming through Fixer Upper and Magnolia Market, I want to get to Waco. I know the Gaines’ go to Round Top for their pickin’ pleasure. Hoping if I ever make it that I can visit all the places I have heard of. Although Upstate NY has some of the best pickin’ there is, I want to see for myself what Texas has!


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