Thrifty Thursday with a lil’ throwback.

It’s totally Thursday (right?) the days are flying by ’round here. Between scouts, math club, chess tournaments, & piano with the oldest, dance, storytime, and the youngest being sick with the dreaded pink eye plus common cold, (which apparently are totally fine when it’s one or the other but the combination of the 2 has turned my sweet preschooler into a tri-faced monster baby…really) I’ve completely lost track of the days but have somehow managed to remember to breath (while simultaneously writing the longest sentence ever). I’ve literally accomplished nothing this week and I’m completely exhausted, sad face. So instead of yammering on I’ll post a few photos of my newest finds (that will be in the Etsy shop as soon as I can figure out that magic “stop time” hand movement).  Where is Piper when you need her? If you didn’t get that, you didn’t watch Charmed but you really should 🙂

Vintage 1960’s Los Angeles souvenir plate , those scalloped edges are fantastic!

A rarer vintage 60’s Sandy Hook Park souvenir plate, 2 tons of cool right there.

These lovely little Vintage Rand McNally junior elf books, the illustrations are  just terrific!


Here’s a fun pair of 60’s sports/opera glasses.


Last but not least these Russian Lacquer Trinket boxes featuring the popular Troika scene are probably my favorite of the recent lost things I’ve come across. They are hand painted and signed by the artist, made in the Russian village of Palekh. Ummm, COOL!!


And since it is Thursday, I’ll leave you with a lil’ throwback. I’m pretty sure my love of collecting lost things comes from spending time with my Grands at the Flea Markets. That’s me there in the middle (with the Pony shoes and belly hanging out of my Jordach jeans) with two of my favorite people on the planet, my grandparents. I’m not sure what that is in my hand but I’m fairly certain we were about to grab a little lunch. So with this little gem I shall make like Tigger and say  “TTFN” (Ta Ta For Now).