Is this thing on…waka waka, ah la Fozzie Bear.

Howdy there and Happy Hedgehog day! According to the youngest (sweet as molasses and given the gift of gab. Gab about everything, all the time whether you know what you’re talking about or not) today is Hedgehog Day. So what do we think ya’ll? Is that spiny little guy gonna pop out of the Garden and bid a fond farewell to Old Man Winter? If you lived here in Texas you’d be apt to side with me on this…Winter? What’s that? Sure, there was a day or two we might have needed to leave the flip flops in the closet and don a hoodie but actual Winter, that’s not on the to do list. As a matter of fact when we loaded up the car for Preschool Story Time at the local library, I’m  quiet certain the temperature gauge was showing 84. I know, I’m crying all the way to the beach. Totally kidding, I sadly am not a beach person…all that sand and sun, blech. (Coincidentally, I may be coming to realize where that gift of gabbing about nothing comes from). All that just to say, I’m pretty certain Spring is in the air!

What’s on the agenda? So glad you asked. I’m working on a new dress for Em. I washed the fabrics with something that left a color bleed on my dusty pink fabric so currently I am colored frustrated as I attempt to remove the bleed so I don’t have to toss it. The pattern? It’s another simplicity reproduction (did I mention how much I love these repops?)  I’ll make a few tweaks but not much and I’m still searching for a suitable trim. Nothing is jumping out at me, possibly a trip to the hobby shop is in order. In the second photo you’ll see the 2 top fabrics (pre-wash bleed) a dusty pink and a light blue shirting fabric that could give luluroe a good run in a “softness” competition. I picked it up from the remnants bin.

Good news, I have completed many more steps on my agenda (I actually wrote things down and crossed stuff off, wow). The blog has been serving as a means of accountability in that area. I like that! I went ahead and bit the proverbial bullet and got my Etsy shop open. Only have a few things listed now but I’m finding it much easier to fine tune and add to “done” than perfect (and never finish) a huge unveiling of a finished product…in this case storefront. It feels more like progress! Please, if you have a minute visit my Etsy shop. I’d love to hear your feedback and please share your shop with me too! Go to the Pickled Princess Etsy

I’ve also fallen down the “cricut” hole. I held off as long as I could but when the Hubby started inquiring about projects he may need a vinyl cutter for, well, I knew the time was right to add yet another hobby to the massive collection. I mean why not, everybody’s doing it right? So more on that later, it should arrive sometime this week or early next.

Lastly, I’ve joined the Monthly Stitch (current challenge: sew something from the decade you were born). I am going to attempt this month’s challenge because who doesn’t love the 70s?? And obviously I NEED at least one more thing to do 😜

Feel free to share your Etsy shop in the comments and/or  tell me how your “to do” list is is getting along so far this year.