Reflecting…(with pictures :)

Well, here we are, the last day of the first month of the new year (that sounds much more scholarly than the last day of January). I haven’t accomplished half my (possibly excessively lofty) intentions but I’ve certainly done a swell job of not giving up spirit…tell me that’s half the battle!!

I hadn’t really thought through the processes of everything thoroughly….and writing things down such as goals and what not…totally for the birds. Or… well, I suppose it would be, if birds could write, or hold a pencil or any of that sort of thing. Shop til I drop finding fabulous items (check), Get a DBA (check), do whatever you’re supposed to do next (totally kidding about that last part :), take pictures of all those fabulous items for sale, branding, branding, branding, describe all said fabulous items and assign them tags…price tags…not to mention all those SEO tags, oooofh….what was I thinking? I just want to shop! But really it has turned out to be much more time consuming than I had originally anticipated. SO…the new plan of action is to just shop. No, no…write down all the things I need to do in a somewhat sequential and logical order, set deadlines, and be like Mike and JUST DO IT. Seriously, whenever my kids talk about how hard it is do do whatever child labor I’ve dictated they do…I’m the first to quip back with great gems of advice like, “you’ll never finish if you don’t start”, ” when you finish you’ll be able to bask in the glory of your accomplishment”, “if you don’t do it, there’ll be no dessert for a month” (no, no, did I say that??), “you’re making it harder than it really is”, and “it will take you longer to come up with all the reasons you can’t than it would to just…well, just do it”. Yeah, I’m a great advice giver *ahem, no really I am* I’m quite terrible at receiving it. However, this is the year of kicking butt…my own mostly!

I’m a thinker. I tend to overthink most things. I like a good internal “devil’s advocate” struggle. Maybe I don’t necessarily enjoy it as much as it’s simply a big part of who I am. Of all the photographs I’ve taken, my favorite(s) bring about thoughts of thinking…What do you think?


And so now, I’m off to see the wizard.

Ok, Ok, I’m off to get this party started, this Etsy party that is.

Do you have trouble getting started on big projects? Or is it just this right brain of mine?!


4 thoughts on “Reflecting…(with pictures :)

  1. I am terrible at starting big projects, even when it’s something I really want to do. It all seems so big and overwhelming and too much trouble and here’s my knitting so I should sit down and do that instead. It seems I’m getting better at falling into better habits, though, even if I sometimes I have trick myself. (This is how I recorded my first vlog, rather than sitting around for months trying to work out how to make them perfect from the start. I tricked myself into thinking I was just experimenting and then I found myself actually doing it.)

    My favourite phrase for starting projects is “Done is better than good” – a difficult concept for a perfectionist. It works, though. After all, I can’t perfect something if it doesn’t exist.

    It sounds like you have a stream of great advice from yourself already, though! Best of luck with following it. 😀

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