Finding stories

Been a little busy around here hence the silence! I’ve sat down 27 times to write something new and was each time met with ahafto, you know…I have to go do this, I have to go do that. Anyhow before I let a full week pass I thought I’d post some photos of recent finds and adventures in thrifting.

I practically fell over when I came across not 1 but 2 mint condition matching Get Along Gang coffee mugs. Dotty was my favorite, did you watch?

All these fabulous dolls!!

New kids on the Block, Joey and Donnie (still wearing thei earrings and rings, but missing their hats).

Miss Piggy as Marie Antoinette (I understand these are fairly rare and she’s #97 of only 2,500). She’s in fair condition for her age but she needs some work to get her hair/clips back in and is missing a pink front piece of her dress.

A lil Pun’kin 1966 EffanBee doll with sleepy eyes. She’s a real treat!

Exclusive Toys poseable Sandy figure (from the movie Grease, as if you didn’t know). No sunglasses or stand otherwise excellent.

A retired Softtoys Pippi Longstocking! Her and miss Punky Brewster held a (who am I kidding…still hold) a special place in my heart. I dressed up as either as often as I was able.

And while technically not a doll…an 80s pattern for a little girls dress with matching cabbage patch dress (iron ons unused!).

1962 Ouija Board game. The game itself is in super condition however the box while still mostly intact has seen better days.

This 1970’s Wilton clown cake topper. He is fantastic. I have been coming across a lot of clowns lately, I’m not exactly sure if people are scurrying to offload them of if God’s trying to tell me something…I’m not sure I like either scenario 😜

Here’s Miss Em being, well being her…she is a real hoot.

And I’ll leave y’all with one of us in our favorites of the day…whichever day that was. Get a load of that jacket! Miss Em’s favorite thing on the planet is trying on shoes…literally all the shoes…ALL the SHOES!

Till we meet again, Tootles.