Sew, Sew Cute! Or, Oy with the poodles already!

While I am currently able to think of approximately 1.5 million (definitely said like Dr. Evil) things I simply must chip away at…today I’ll just do a ‘little’ sewing instead or in addition too rather. Why yes, procrastination does seem to be a bit of a theme of mine. After-all, why do today what you can put off till tomorrow, am I right? Honestly I am not as procrastinate-y (totally a word 😖) as I must be coming off in just a few short blogs…or am I?!

Yesterday my daughter finally wore my last sewing project as it was the special occasion of visiting her favorit-est cousin aunt on the planet who happens to have two of the most adorable standard poodles in the history of ever. Cousin aunt?!?! You say, No, we are not quite as strange a family as that sounds. She’s really her cousin but since she is closer in age to myself rather than call her cousin, the kiddos call her aunt. And because I’m persistently goofy I’ve dubbed her and her husband the cousin aunt/uncles.  By now you’re certainly asking yourself what the heck this has to do with anything and I promise you I’m almost there.

What was the sewing project you say? None other than Simplicity pattern 1075 😱😱😱😱 see picture below. It was sew quick, sew fun, and sew cute!! and no one paid me to say that, but I’m totally open to that…wink, wink.




It all makes sense now, yes! If you’d like to buy this pattern here’s a link to Simplicity’s webpage where you can do so or pick it up at your local hobby store next time you’re out. I Love, Love that pattern companies have reproduced some of their vintage patterns. True vintage patterns can be hard to find in the size you need but I Still snatch them up whenever I come across them regardless of the size (I just can’t help myself). I may or may not (and by now you know it’s the former) have stacks upon stacks of vintage patterns on my shelves that are in a size I will never fit into and will not fit either of my kiddos for many years but by Golly there they shall stay! Side note, I purchased Gertie’s Ultimate Sewing Book <–Amazon because they have the best price…I paid full price at the book store but it’s totally worth it. Gretchen Hirsch is the author and seamstress extraordinaire behind the book (she’s also plum gorgeous). She has a fab blog you can follow, if ya like, blog for better sewing. My point is, with this plethora of information in my hot little hands I’m hopeful I’ll learn to properly alter patterns so they shall no longer sit on shelves but live a long useful life!


I’m trying to put together a sewing circle right now. Just a few friends  who share a love of sewing and will serve as motivation, inspiration, and education to each other….those are some pretty important ‘tions in my book. Do you love sewing? Sewing vintage? A part of a sewing circle? I’d love to hear about it!

Here are the most fabulous photos of my sweet little girl and her favorite poodles (taken with my iPhone even though I had my “for real camera” no less than 4 feet away).


and with them darlin’ regal, sweet as apple pie, softer than a baby bum poodles…img_59541

Happy Sunday ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Sew, Sew Cute! Or, Oy with the poodles already!

  1. A poodle skirt framed by actual poodles is, without a doubt, the best thing I have seen all day. And it’s heading towards 3pm here, so that’s saying something.

    I’d be interested to hear how your sewing circle pans out. It’s something I’d love to do – particularly for vintage sewing – but I think I live in the wrong area. Perhaps if I lived closer to the city, it might be possible… but then I’d have to live closer to the city and I much prefer the countryside. I’m beginning to regard the internet as my virtual sewing circle, until I can actually meet some real people and hang around and sew with them and talk about the ridiculous amount of vintage patterns we have (as with yours, many of mine are not even remotely the right size for me BUT I DON’T CARE).

    I do enjoy the way you write – it’s so engaging and it makes me smile. Thanks for visiting my blog and subscribing (the first subscriber at its new home!). I’m looking forward to following along with your blog, too.


    1. I must say when the idea to frame her with the poodles struck me I felt a little tinge of genius overcome me.
      I’m hoping to have a meeting sometime towards the end of February with the sewing circle ladies which should either give them enough time to overcome all the “I can’t obstacles” or just enough time to lay out the perfect excuse for not making it ( optimism and sarcasm perfectly paired 😁). I’ll certainly make sure to record all the hoots and hollers about it either way!

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