A thousand words…in a lot less words.

A picture is worth a thousand words or so the old saying goes. Its one of those phases that you “just get” not like “you’ll catch more flies with honey”. Why the heck would I want to catch flies and if we’re being honest here the last time I checked you could catch more flies with a big ol’ pile of….let’s just say HOOEY.  The latter of the 2 phrases could really use a little ‘splainin’ if you ask me, but I digress.

So here I sit trying to figure out just exactly what the Pickled Princess blog is all about or possibly there you sit, which in your case makes so much more sense. I have a feeling this blog will progress over time and become more cohesive but for now it’s a place where I will leave all my thoughts as I wander through this crazy little thing called life and a companion to my journey to fill my Etsy storefront (The Pickled Princess, bet ya didn’t see that one coming, haha!) with all the lost things looking for new loving homes. There will likely be snapshots of myself and friends wearing ridiculous outfits found on  lost thing ventures, funny stories about anything and everything, and more than likely lots and lots of photographs of my wonderful (mostly tolerant) children.

Photography and vintage things have always been a passion for me and they seem to go hand in hand. Photos are snippets of lost time, something you can never get back but you’ll always have. They invoke memories and emotions, they tell stories even if you seemingly  have  no connection whatsoever with the subject itself. Now, think about walking through a garage sale and coming across a toy you cherished as a child but as much of our childhood toys did one day found a new home (maybe at the bottom of a trash can but still you get the point, right??!) you pick it up and are immediately taken back in time and recall stories of events you thought long forgotten. That’s power you can’t find in a pack of Pokemon cards, well, I guess you could if you were into that sort of thing (no judgement here…no really my kid FREAKING loves with a capital POKE, Pokemon).

So, there it is the second blog and I promise to eventually quit emphasizing how many blogs I’ve managed to blog…is that right? Without further ado, (you totally thought it was adieu, didn’t you?…Back, back grammar nazi…) I bid thee farewell, or adieu.

But wait, (like a bad infomercial) there’s more. A thousand words more to be exact 😉



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  1. I would love to follow you and see what other craziness, in a good way, I will find here. Not sure how to do that since I am not part of wordpress. I will figure it out! Thanks for visiting me and my blog and I am honored to be first on your list of blogs you follow!


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