under construction

Goooooooodnight, like not actual good night but in the sense that I’m not saying something too cheese such as good grief,or abrasive like the actual WTF… cause goodnight is better, or something like that. So, we have now established that it is not actually night (at least at the time of writing this anyhow) even though that wouldn’t matter from the start if it was. But in all seriousness…why is it so hard to start something once you’ve decided you’re going to do it?! I’m what one (if one were me) would call a type B perfectionist. Unorganized and not likely to get started because it won’t be perfect. In the long run is anything ever actually perfect? Not likely, but when you look at all the fabulous things already started in the world (thank you Internet (insert eye roll emoji here)) it can be a daunting task for a type B like me to start pretty much anything. So here goes nothing…Hello world, here I am, under construction.