I didn’t fall off the blog-o-spere!

Well, hello out there in Bloggy land. I hope you all are well and have done many fabulous things since we last met….20 days ago!! Whoa Nellie, I’m sorry about that. Technically speaking we are nearing the end of the school year and so it seems that there are always two thousand and two things going on that need my attention. But now don’t get me wrong no complaints here it’s good to be needed ya’ll. Anywho, I haven’t been procrastinating but all the need to’s combined with buckets upon buckets of rain coming down (which seems to have no end in sight) I just haven’t found the time to do anything but EXTRA-ordinary everyday.

Now that said there were a few rather fun things that have happened that I do intend to write about soon! I have 1 large pile of vintage clothing (mostly kids, but a couple real stunners for adult type persons, haha) to finish listing then you’ll get to hear all about the Fabulous Thunderbird, no no, not the Fabulous Thunderbirds, you read that right.

Say hello, to…ok, well we haven’t named it but I really want to, suggestions?? We welcomed this sweet 1960 Thunderbird home a couple weeks ago. I’ll be working on some interior stuff so you’ll have to stay tuned for these mishaps and adventures. Isn’t she lovely?

Also, I’ve started an eBay store in addition to Etsy…it sure is hard to get traffic on Etsy. I’m learning and slowly adding items to the store. I’ve noticed a good amount of vintage sellers on eBay and I do like some of their new features for sellers. I’ve also noticed quite a few people actually list their items on both platforms. I see this as a little risky especially with a “one of a kind” vintage item but I guess the likelyhood of it being purchased from both sites at the same time are super ridiculously slim…which means if it were going to happen to anyone on the planet…that anyone would be me ;/

We’ve been on a few thrifting adventures. Houston has a “Vintique” market a few times a year, lots of good ol fashion and FUN Antiques, handmade goodies, and my personal favorite handmade goodies out of repurposed ol’ fashion antiques! So many great vendors.


So really that’s all I’ve got for now. As I continue to learn and add to my Etsy and eBay I plan to post a section of information that I have come across so that others who are experiencing trouble getting started may find something helpful.  Here are some of the new listings I have on Etsy and if you eBay, you can follow me there too 🙂

Lovely little Pinafore


Hang Ten Vintage Boys Hawaiian Shirt


One of a Kind Texas Crewel Art


Sensational VTG Rockabilly rose cutout dress


And all these Fab things that need to be listed!

Do you Etsy or eBay? Find one better than the other? Use something else entirely? Determined to get this stuff moving before I become a hoarder!! Additionally, I’d like to open shipping to international buyers but I am finding it daunting to accurately price shipping 😦

Adventurin’ in Round Top Texas.

I LOVE Texas, and this little..and I do mean little… itsy bitsy, teensy weensy yellow polka dot biki… Oh whoops, slipped into song therebut it’s seriously small, population 90! 90!!  (Can I get an eye bug emoji) It sure does pack a punch of charm though. If you’ve never been, it’s well worth the trip (wherever you are). Lucky for me it’s just shy of 2 hours from my home so not a bad day trip at all. Oddly enough I continued to find reasons why I couldn’t go even though it’s been on “the bucket list ” for ages. Well, check, check, baby! Now to get there during antique week, LAWDY! What’s that you say…Antique week?? I mean it’s only the biggest best-est thing since sliced bread, toasted with honey and peanut butter on top with a side of chocolate covered bananas, (too much?) or well, at least that’s what folks say 🙂 I tried to go back in September 2016 not realizing it was as big a deal as it apparently is and yeah, this event takes a little more thought and planning than I had…well, planned. Next Antique week is coming up: Mar 27th-April 1 Annie, pack yer bags! After some planning of course…

You Can read more about things to do and see in Round Top (and even though its small, you really need a few days to take it all in) in this great little write up on Texas Monthly. A few things are in the outlying counties but they aren’t far. I am planning on heading back with a better plan in place some time this year fo’ sho! And if you want to find out more about antique week, you can check that out here.

Here are some photos from our adventure, it was so much fun and we had pie for lunch…PIE!! Best PIE, BEST PIE! Had a short chat with the lady that own Royer’s Pie Haven, she’s a real peach and her shop offers so much more than pie, trinkets, do-dads, boutique-y shirts all with a with a side of Texas hospitality. I mean if nothing else, make the trip for the PIE, really 🙂

Enjoy our goofy road trip photos, some taken by me, some by little Em, and some goofy selfies with and by Mr. The Bear (otherwise known as “the oldest”), he’s got the moves like Fozzie (bear) and a heart of GOLD.

Have you been to Round Top?  Road Trips, destinations on your “bucket list”? Does your area have it’s own “Round Top”?  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ere ❤

Thrifty Thursday with a lil’ throwback.

It’s totally Thursday (right?) the days are flying by ’round here. Between scouts, math club, chess tournaments, & piano with the oldest, dance, storytime, and the youngest being sick with the dreaded pink eye plus common cold, (which apparently are totally fine when it’s one or the other but the combination of the 2 has turned my sweet preschooler into a tri-faced monster baby…really) I’ve completely lost track of the days but have somehow managed to remember to breath (while simultaneously writing the longest sentence ever). I’ve literally accomplished nothing this week and I’m completely exhausted, sad face. So instead of yammering on I’ll post a few photos of my newest finds (that will be in the Etsy shop as soon as I can figure out that magic “stop time” hand movement).  Where is Piper when you need her? If you didn’t get that, you didn’t watch Charmed but you really should 🙂

Vintage 1960’s Los Angeles souvenir plate , those scalloped edges are fantastic!

A rarer vintage 60’s Sandy Hook Park souvenir plate, 2 tons of cool right there.

These lovely little Vintage Rand McNally junior elf books, the illustrations are  just terrific!


Here’s a fun pair of 60’s sports/opera glasses.


Last but not least these Russian Lacquer Trinket boxes featuring the popular Troika scene are probably my favorite of the recent lost things I’ve come across. They are hand painted and signed by the artist, made in the Russian village of Palekh. Ummm, COOL!!


And since it is Thursday, I’ll leave you with a lil’ throwback. I’m pretty sure my love of collecting lost things comes from spending time with my Grands at the Flea Markets. That’s me there in the middle (with the Pony shoes and belly hanging out of my Jordach jeans) with two of my favorite people on the planet, my grandparents. I’m not sure what that is in my hand but I’m fairly certain we were about to grab a little lunch. So with this little gem I shall make like Tigger and say  “TTFN” (Ta Ta For Now).

Is this thing on…waka waka, ah la Fozzie Bear.

Howdy there and Happy Hedgehog day! According to the youngest (sweet as molasses and given the gift of gab. Gab about everything, all the time whether you know what you’re talking about or not) today is Hedgehog Day. So what do we think ya’ll? Is that spiny little guy gonna pop out of the Garden and bid a fond farewell to Old Man Winter? If you lived here in Texas you’d be apt to side with me on this…Winter? What’s that? Sure, there was a day or two we might have needed to leave the flip flops in the closet and don a hoodie but actual Winter, that’s not on the to do list. As a matter of fact when we loaded up the car for Preschool Story Time at the local library, I’m  quiet certain the temperature gauge was showing 84. I know, I’m crying all the way to the beach. Totally kidding, I sadly am not a beach person…all that sand and sun, blech. (Coincidentally, I may be coming to realize where that gift of gabbing about nothing comes from). All that just to say, I’m pretty certain Spring is in the air!

What’s on the agenda? So glad you asked. I’m working on a new dress for Em. I washed the fabrics with something that left a color bleed on my dusty pink fabric so currently I am colored frustrated as I attempt to remove the bleed so I don’t have to toss it. The pattern? It’s another simplicity reproduction (did I mention how much I love these repops?)  I’ll make a few tweaks but not much and I’m still searching for a suitable trim. Nothing is jumping out at me, possibly a trip to the hobby shop is in order. In the second photo you’ll see the 2 top fabrics (pre-wash bleed) a dusty pink and a light blue shirting fabric that could give luluroe a good run in a “softness” competition. I picked it up from the remnants bin.

Good news, I have completed many more steps on my agenda (I actually wrote things down and crossed stuff off, wow). The blog has been serving as a means of accountability in that area. I like that! I went ahead and bit the proverbial bullet and got my Etsy shop open. Only have a few things listed now but I’m finding it much easier to fine tune and add to “done” than perfect (and never finish) a huge unveiling of a finished product…in this case storefront. It feels more like progress! Please, if you have a minute visit my Etsy shop. I’d love to hear your feedback and please share your shop with me too! Go to the Pickled Princess Etsy

I’ve also fallen down the “cricut” hole. I held off as long as I could but when the Hubby started inquiring about projects he may need a vinyl cutter for, well, I knew the time was right to add yet another hobby to the massive collection. I mean why not, everybody’s doing it right? So more on that later, it should arrive sometime this week or early next.

Lastly, I’ve joined the Monthly Stitch (current challenge: sew something from the decade you were born). I am going to attempt this month’s challenge because who doesn’t love the 70s?? And obviously I NEED at least one more thing to do 😜

Feel free to share your Etsy shop in the comments and/or  tell me how your “to do” list is is getting along so far this year.


Reflecting…(with pictures :)

Well, here we are, the last day of the first month of the new year (that sounds much more scholarly than the last day of January). I haven’t accomplished half my (possibly excessively lofty) intentions but I’ve certainly done a swell job of not giving up spirit…tell me that’s half the battle!!

I hadn’t really thought through the processes of everything thoroughly….and writing things down such as goals and what not…totally for the birds. Or… well, I suppose it would be, if birds could write, or hold a pencil or any of that sort of thing. Shop til I drop finding fabulous items (check), Get a DBA (check), do whatever you’re supposed to do next (totally kidding about that last part :), take pictures of all those fabulous items for sale, branding, branding, branding, describe all said fabulous items and assign them tags…price tags…not to mention all those SEO tags, oooofh….what was I thinking? I just want to shop! But really it has turned out to be much more time consuming than I had originally anticipated. SO…the new plan of action is to just shop. No, no…write down all the things I need to do in a somewhat sequential and logical order, set deadlines, and be like Mike and JUST DO IT. Seriously, whenever my kids talk about how hard it is do do whatever child labor I’ve dictated they do…I’m the first to quip back with great gems of advice like, “you’ll never finish if you don’t start”, ” when you finish you’ll be able to bask in the glory of your accomplishment”, “if you don’t do it, there’ll be no dessert for a month” (no, no, did I say that??), “you’re making it harder than it really is”, and “it will take you longer to come up with all the reasons you can’t than it would to just…well, just do it”. Yeah, I’m a great advice giver *ahem, no really I am* I’m quite terrible at receiving it. However, this is the year of kicking butt…my own mostly!

I’m a thinker. I tend to overthink most things. I like a good internal “devil’s advocate” struggle. Maybe I don’t necessarily enjoy it as much as it’s simply a big part of who I am. Of all the photographs I’ve taken, my favorite(s) bring about thoughts of thinking…What do you think?


And so now, I’m off to see the wizard.

Ok, Ok, I’m off to get this party started, this Etsy party that is.

Do you have trouble getting started on big projects? Or is it just this right brain of mine?!

Finding stories

Been a little busy around here hence the silence! I’ve sat down 27 times to write something new and was each time met with ahafto, you know…I have to go do this, I have to go do that. Anyhow before I let a full week pass I thought I’d post some photos of recent finds and adventures in thrifting.

I practically fell over when I came across not 1 but 2 mint condition matching Get Along Gang coffee mugs. Dotty was my favorite, did you watch?

All these fabulous dolls!!

New kids on the Block, Joey and Donnie (still wearing thei earrings and rings, but missing their hats).

Miss Piggy as Marie Antoinette (I understand these are fairly rare and she’s #97 of only 2,500). She’s in fair condition for her age but she needs some work to get her hair/clips back in and is missing a pink front piece of her dress.

A lil Pun’kin 1966 EffanBee doll with sleepy eyes. She’s a real treat!

Exclusive Toys poseable Sandy figure (from the movie Grease, as if you didn’t know). No sunglasses or stand otherwise excellent.

A retired Softtoys Pippi Longstocking! Her and miss Punky Brewster held a (who am I kidding…still hold) a special place in my heart. I dressed up as either as often as I was able.

And while technically not a doll…an 80s pattern for a little girls dress with matching cabbage patch dress (iron ons unused!).

1962 Ouija Board game. The game itself is in super condition however the box while still mostly intact has seen better days.

This 1970’s Wilton clown cake topper. He is fantastic. I have been coming across a lot of clowns lately, I’m not exactly sure if people are scurrying to offload them of if God’s trying to tell me something…I’m not sure I like either scenario 😜

Here’s Miss Em being, well being her…she is a real hoot.

And I’ll leave y’all with one of us in our favorites of the day…whichever day that was. Get a load of that jacket! Miss Em’s favorite thing on the planet is trying on shoes…literally all the shoes…ALL the SHOES!

Till we meet again, Tootles.

Sew, Sew Cute! Or, Oy with the poodles already!

While I am currently able to think of approximately 1.5 million (definitely said like Dr. Evil) things I simply must chip away at…today I’ll just do a ‘little’ sewing instead or in addition too rather. Why yes, procrastination does seem to be a bit of a theme of mine. After-all, why do today what you can put off till tomorrow, am I right? Honestly I am not as procrastinate-y (totally a word 😖) as I must be coming off in just a few short blogs…or am I?!

Yesterday my daughter finally wore my last sewing project as it was the special occasion of visiting her favorit-est cousin aunt on the planet who happens to have two of the most adorable standard poodles in the history of ever. Cousin aunt?!?! You say, No, we are not quite as strange a family as that sounds. She’s really her cousin but since she is closer in age to myself rather than call her cousin, the kiddos call her aunt. And because I’m persistently goofy I’ve dubbed her and her husband the cousin aunt/uncles.  By now you’re certainly asking yourself what the heck this has to do with anything and I promise you I’m almost there.

What was the sewing project you say? None other than Simplicity pattern 1075 😱😱😱😱 see picture below. It was sew quick, sew fun, and sew cute!! and no one paid me to say that, but I’m totally open to that…wink, wink.




It all makes sense now, yes! If you’d like to buy this pattern here’s a link to Simplicity’s webpage where you can do so or pick it up at your local hobby store next time you’re out. I Love, Love that pattern companies have reproduced some of their vintage patterns. True vintage patterns can be hard to find in the size you need but I Still snatch them up whenever I come across them regardless of the size (I just can’t help myself). I may or may not (and by now you know it’s the former) have stacks upon stacks of vintage patterns on my shelves that are in a size I will never fit into and will not fit either of my kiddos for many years but by Golly there they shall stay! Side note, I purchased Gertie’s Ultimate Sewing Book <–Amazon because they have the best price…I paid full price at the book store but it’s totally worth it. Gretchen Hirsch is the author and seamstress extraordinaire behind the book (she’s also plum gorgeous). She has a fab blog you can follow, if ya like, blog for better sewing. My point is, with this plethora of information in my hot little hands I’m hopeful I’ll learn to properly alter patterns so they shall no longer sit on shelves but live a long useful life!


I’m trying to put together a sewing circle right now. Just a few friends  who share a love of sewing and will serve as motivation, inspiration, and education to each other….those are some pretty important ‘tions in my book. Do you love sewing? Sewing vintage? A part of a sewing circle? I’d love to hear about it!

Here are the most fabulous photos of my sweet little girl and her favorite poodles (taken with my iPhone even though I had my “for real camera” no less than 4 feet away).


and with them darlin’ regal, sweet as apple pie, softer than a baby bum poodles…img_59541

Happy Sunday ya’ll!

A thousand words…in a lot less words.

A picture is worth a thousand words or so the old saying goes. Its one of those phases that you “just get” not like “you’ll catch more flies with honey”. Why the heck would I want to catch flies and if we’re being honest here the last time I checked you could catch more flies with a big ol’ pile of….let’s just say HOOEY.  The latter of the 2 phrases could really use a little ‘splainin’ if you ask me, but I digress.

So here I sit trying to figure out just exactly what the Pickled Princess blog is all about or possibly there you sit, which in your case makes so much more sense. I have a feeling this blog will progress over time and become more cohesive but for now it’s a place where I will leave all my thoughts as I wander through this crazy little thing called life and a companion to my journey to fill my Etsy storefront (The Pickled Princess, bet ya didn’t see that one coming, haha!) with all the lost things looking for new loving homes. There will likely be snapshots of myself and friends wearing ridiculous outfits found on  lost thing ventures, funny stories about anything and everything, and more than likely lots and lots of photographs of my wonderful (mostly tolerant) children.

Photography and vintage things have always been a passion for me and they seem to go hand in hand. Photos are snippets of lost time, something you can never get back but you’ll always have. They invoke memories and emotions, they tell stories even if you seemingly  have  no connection whatsoever with the subject itself. Now, think about walking through a garage sale and coming across a toy you cherished as a child but as much of our childhood toys did one day found a new home (maybe at the bottom of a trash can but still you get the point, right??!) you pick it up and are immediately taken back in time and recall stories of events you thought long forgotten. That’s power you can’t find in a pack of Pokemon cards, well, I guess you could if you were into that sort of thing (no judgement here…no really my kid FREAKING loves with a capital POKE, Pokemon).

So, there it is the second blog and I promise to eventually quit emphasizing how many blogs I’ve managed to blog…is that right? Without further ado, (you totally thought it was adieu, didn’t you?…Back, back grammar nazi…) I bid thee farewell, or adieu.

But wait, (like a bad infomercial) there’s more. A thousand words more to be exact 😉


under construction

Goooooooodnight, like not actual good night but in the sense that I’m not saying something too cheese such as good grief,or abrasive like the actual WTF… cause goodnight is better, or something like that. So, we have now established that it is not actually night (at least at the time of writing this anyhow) even though that wouldn’t matter from the start if it was. But in all seriousness…why is it so hard to start something once you’ve decided you’re going to do it?! I’m what one (if one were me) would call a type B perfectionist. Unorganized and not likely to get started because it won’t be perfect. In the long run is anything ever actually perfect? Not likely, but when you look at all the fabulous things already started in the world (thank you Internet (insert eye roll emoji here)) it can be a daunting task for a type B like me to start pretty much anything. So here goes nothing…Hello world, here I am, under construction.